Kristalia. Forever furniture.

From personal to collective spaces we believe in contemporary design, built for living and made to last.

Our unique originality

Of all the attributes that describe our collection – coherent, minimalist, functional – the one we prefer is original. Because we like to do things the way nobody else does them.

Seizing the moment every day

Our favourite dimension is the present. Interpreting the spirit of the times, we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than reality.

Thinking ahead about quality

For us, quality is synonymous with sustainability. Designing furniture with excellent materials, intended for a long life and producing them locally in Italy is a way of respecting the future and resources, as well as the people who choose us.

Informality, a casual way of life

There’s nothing in our collection that we would not also like to have in our own home. We love real homes, lives that are lived, bookcases full of books that have been read and the ineffable beauty of casualness.

Club Kristalia, to the rhythm of jazz

If we hadn’t started making furniture, we would have opened a jazz club. But since we believe that all opportunities must be grasped, and passions lived to the full, we have dedicated a space to music, and more generally to culture, at our premises. It’s open to everyone – a way to stay curious and thankful to our community.

Our story

Doing things well in a sustainable way, it’s certified

We aim to create products that last, so we set ourselves extremely high standards of quality and work consciously, starting with the design. We carefully select materials and suppliers, monitor our energy consumption and emissions while producing our own energy with photovoltaic panels. All our products are internally tested by Ercole, a machine that performs many more tests and cycles than those required at the Italian and international level. They are tested by external bodies, which certify their mechanical resistance, reaction to fire, health and safety, and always produce excellent results. We are working towards obtaining Carbon Footprint certification and specific certifications (EPD environmental declaration and LCA – Life Cycle Assessment) for our new products.